Make your app yourself

The trend is more and more obvious. We are heading for a time when everybody can be an app developer. Dutch startup AppMachine have seen this and are coming up with a solution and this week attending The Next Web Conference in New York.

AppMachine describe their service as a ´Wordpress for App making´, with a promise that their solution may disrupt the app making industry. AppMachine empowers people to create professional native apps for iOs and Android smartphones, without the need of coding skills.

Under the flag of Do It Yourself-movement it could give a tool for everyone who needs an app but think it´s too expensive to shuffle away 5000 dollars or more for having an expert making it.

After two years of development in stealth modus this startup launched four months ago. Today they already have 44,000 active users and growing with 1,000 a week. As they attend TNW conference this week AppMachine announces to set foot across the Atlantic.

AppMachine is growing rapidly with offices in Brazil and Germany and is seeking local US partners to conquer the US market. The company has just been nominated for the Deloitte Rising Star Award 2013 as one of the young highly promising technology companies.

But ApMachine is not the only player in this field. Another competitor is SATIN, a prototype toolkit made in Sweden for development of mobile services. Like AppMachine It makes it possible to easily create your own app, even without prior experience of programming. You design web applications using a graphical interface and get started in minutes.

After WordPress that made it possible for everyone to start their own blog and to start their own magazine this is a natural development. Do It Yourself is coming to the world of apps.