Part of a community with Narrative

It’s hard to imagine a better name change than Memoto transforming to Narrative.
It’s the same company with the same product, a lifelogging camera, but the new name and brand opens up for a totally new story on the vision of what the company stands for.


The camera that the company is starting to ship out in November this fall is a tiny, automatic camera that takes a new image every 30th second; we’re talking about a wearable camera able to create a continuous life log stream for the user. Just stuck it on your jacket or your shirt and then it will continue to take a new photo every half minute.

Since the company started it was known as Memoto. But during 2013 it became clear that the name violated already existing similar trademarks. So a name change was inevitably. Forced to find out a new name the crew behind Memoto came up with Narrative and a better change of brand is hard to imagine.

With Memoto the thoughts goes to memory, to keep the episodes of your life to yourself.
With Narrative the thoughts goes to storytelling, to share the episodes of your life with someone else.

That gives the automatic lifelogging camera a whole new aura. It’s all about sharing, it’s all about the need to lift up parts of your life and show it to others.

With Memoto it was more of registering people who comes up in front of you.
With Narrative it’s more about being part of a community.

And that is something completely different.