The Big Data of your life

age-of-contextDo we need privacy in the Age of Context? Or will we accept that the knowledge system behind our mobile devices know everything about us? And out of that can guide us through the day with personalized ads, with news that are selected for each and one of us, with suggestions on where to eat our favorite dish and whom to date according to our previous dates.

It is not the devices, not your tablet or your mobile phone, that know all things about you. They are quite dumb. But behind them lies knowledge systems that are really smart, that can filter Big Data that concerns you, go deep data mining and come up with a bleep or a poking on the screen to guide you to a comfortable life.

It is the Age of Context and that’s also the title of Robert Scoble’s and Shel Israel’s newly published book. Focus is on mobile, social media, sensors, data and location. And the knowledge systems in behind that gathers the entire context.

So what it is the context in this era? It’s your blood pressure when you’re doing this or that. It’s your pills and medicine list. It’s how you travel, where you work and live. It’s the ads you click on or the ads you avoid if you’re looking on channel TV. It’s what you chat and update. It’s what you did last Tuesday or Thursday or even what you didn’t do last Wednesday.

And furthermore, it’s also what your friends chat and update, or read, or buy, or whatever.

That’s the context. And the awareness of that context is the key point of the knowledge systems that filter and process the big data of your life.

Will we give away everything to these knowledge systems? Or is it important to keep some parts of our life in privacy?

That is the big question that Scoble’s and Israel’s book raises. Do you have your answer?