The new digital era is coming to town

It is the dawn of a new era: the Digital Industrial Economy, says Peter Sondergaard senior vice president at Gartner and global head of Research during Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013, October 6-10, in Orlando.

A press release from Gartner captures quite a few game changing words from Sondergaard about the future as Gartner sees it.

Let’s look at some of them:

Gartner predicts:  Every budget will be an IT budget.
That is: The Internet of Everything combines the physical world and the virtual. When you purchase a new toothbrush your action is stored in the cloud. But even more; your tooth brushing will in the future also be registered in the cloud so that you can have a flash note from your local store when the toothbrush needs to be replaced with a new one.
The store’s budget need to consider this and will have to pay attention to the IT systems. The budget for toothbrushes will have to be an IT budget.
Gartner predicts:  Every company will be a technology company.
That is: Any store that does not count with information systems when they are selling toothbrushes will not have a future. Even when you are selling toothbrushes you have to rely on tech solutions. This will force every company to be a tech company.

Gartner predicts:  Every business will become a digital leader.
That is: As digitalization is changing business every business will make way for new digital processes and models. In different ways business will take part in changing society into the digital era. Every business will then become a digital leader.

Gartner predicts:  Every person will become a technology company.
That is: All data that evolves from a person’s actions and everyday life may be used by that person in different way. To store it and use it for new actions. And furthermore; to sell it and make business of it. The data that comes with the person will make him or her into a technology company.

Gartner predicts:
“Many of the vendors who are on top today, such as Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft, may not be leaders in the Digital Industrial Economy.”

The dinosaurs fell, so may also the biggest tech companies, states Gartner in their prediction of the future digital era. Technology-driven startup companies across the globe are leading the way in accelerating pace. And the big companies like Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft, may be out concurred by new ones.

So be ready, the new digital era is coming to town.