A bright digital future?

futuriumWhat about the future? How will technology,  3D printing, nano robots, Big Data and ICT effect everyday life, citizenship, business, health and education?

Now you have the opportunity to cast your vote on eleven emerging themes for future policies. On the site Futurium the Digital Agenda For Europe are asking you for feedback and a vote on the relevance and timing of each theme. (Futurium is the online platform launched by the Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission to facilitate a broad reflection on future European policies.)

This is your chance if you are interested in policy-making. Have a say on the future.

Beneath a short summary of the elven themes you may vote on.

Trans-humanistic era
Future cyborgs and soft robots? Anew form of human or maybe trans-human? ICTs and bio-medicine fundamentally improving the human condition and greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities?

Super-centenarian societies
Celebrating 100 years of age? No problem in the future? Will organs be re-generated in vitro and implanted with 100% success rate? Similar to plugging new devices into 20th century computers?

Hyper-connected human
Living in a world of nano sensors, virtual spaces and 3D social networks? Always connected?

Cradle-to-grave, work and play
Will the idea of the steady, permanent job become a relic of the 20th century? Will technology continue to transform the very nature of work and the dynamics of organisations and labour markets?

Brain-to-machine or even brain-to-brain interfaces? Will New forms of learning emerge, for instance using virtual spaces and enhanced classrooms for experimentation and full immersion in learning settings not achievable otherwise, including powerful simulations, intelligent conversational agents?

New actors, new polarities
Empowering people as active players in the global scene.? Will people be more empowered than ever to share knowledge, become aware of their environment, and take informed and responsible decisions?

Re-inventing media
Will social media replace traditional editorial media as the dominant media arena?

Art, sciences, humanities
Will Big Data from various sources of evidence (smart grids, mobility data, sensor data, socio-economic data) enable scientists to perceive and observe processes in the real world in new ways?

Cities, villages and communities
Will megacities with all their elements of the city be connected to a higher supra-network, the future Internet, on which a whole new service-economy will thrive?

New economic models
Will the world’s economy change significantly, driven by the advent of new technological and societal innovations? Will 3D printing, advanced robotics, automation, and manufacturing bring most of today’s production back to a local sustainable dimension?

Pursuing Global Peace
Will we have a society where only a few decide for all? Or a society with neither classes nor hierarchies, characterised by participatory leadership?

Eleven themes for the future and now it is your turn to cast your vote. How will the future be?