Bring 3D models to life

Engineers and designers may from now bring 3D models to life with a new real-time multibody simulation module for SpaceClaim Engineer. In cooperation with Algoryx Simulation, provider of interactive physics simulation solutions, the two companies are announcing the new feature Dynamics for SpaceClaim by Algoryx.

Dynamics for SpaceClaim adds value to the entire design process, from conceptual studies to detailed mechanical analysis. Further, when used with Luxion KeyShot, the same simulations can also be used to produce high impact photo-realistic product videos for design reviews, sales and marketing.

The video below demonstrates a bicycle chain being simulated in Dynamics for SpaceClaim. All contacts are automatically generated during the simulation. Exported to Luxion KeyShot for rendering.


”The market has never seen dynamics that can be built this easily and provide this much visual information regarding the physical performance of their work,” said Frank DeSimone, VP of software development for SpaceClaim in a press release.

”We provide compute performance and a user experience that help engineers use simulations in their everyday work. Much of our focus is on the creative engineering process and solutions that enable designers, engineers, sales and marketing professionals to work much closer together,” said Anders Backman, CTO and co-founder of Algoryx.

Dynamics for SpaceClaim is immediately available for evaluation and purchase from all SpaceClaim resellers globally.