The map of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is mainly a virtual currency, primarly for online trading and payments. But if you look at the Coinmap there are also a growing numbers of physical places and locations that accept Bitcoin.

“As for Stockholm, there is a so-called ‘food truck’ serving French crêpes and taking payment in Bitcoin. I myself have bought crêpe of them and paid in Bitcoin”, Emil Oldenburg at Bitcoin-firm Safello writes to me in a mail when I´m asking him for places and locations that accept Bitcoins.

And he stresses: “Bitcoin is primarily an Internet-based exchange that is ideal for online trading, which may be one reason that the map is pretty sparse”.


Use the Coinmap to fin out places that accept Bitcoins.

If you got a spare Bitcoin and wants to go shopping you could have use of the Coinmap. It´s a map that points out any locations near your place that accept Bitcoin. In Sweden you will find twenty something places. Not that much, but the numbers are increasing. In early November 2013, according to the Coinmap, the number of places all over the world stood at 500. When December came it was around 1.000 and just after Christmas Day 2.076 places.

The Coinmap launched in April 2013 but it is just recently that it got wellknown. Just some days before Christmas Bloomberg TV anchor Matt Miller high lightened the status of the map, searching for places that accept Bitcoin.

He found a hot spot in Brooklyn, New York, with five stores and bars close to each other and got himself a beer.

But generally that’s not the common scene when you go shopping. 2.076 places is still quite sparse. But again, that´s not the point. The thing to notice is that Bitcoin is on Bloomberg TV and the first ATM in Sweden was launched in November 2013 and the numbers on the Coinmap counting places where to shop with the new currency is growing.

So keep an eye on this map next year. Could be new dots all over it.