Busy building the robot revolution

“We have been acquired by Google and are busy building the robot revolution. Please come again.”

The quote comes from the robot company Meka´s webpage. The same statement can be read on the webpages of two other robotics companies; Redwood and Holomni.

In 2013 Google has acquired not only these three robotic companies. On the list comes five more. The last one was a big shot; Boston Dynamics, renown for its four legged running robots.

Obviously Google has transformed. It is no longer just a search engine. Today Google has a broader spectra founded on the artificial intelligence that the company has built up during the recent years.

Autonomous and driverless vehicles are one result of this more and more effective AI. Combined with the knowledge from the now acquired eight robotic companies we may see in a couple of years a breakthrough of cars that will revolutionize traffic environments.

Or as they say on the webpages; “We are busy building the robot revolution.


The revolution is also coming to the young ones. Picture above: Two girls, 15 years of age, having a chat with Nao and Neia, two robots a Umeå University in Sweden. Not yet acquired by Google.

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