Wearable computing at CES 2014

Wearable computing will be a hot topic at International CES 2014, according to Angela McIntyre, research director at Gartner. The Digital Health section of the exhibition floor space has increased with 40 per cent compared with the last year, and will showcase more than 65 exhibitors with solutions for diagnosing, monitoring and treating a variety of illnesses.

Smart watches is one of the innovation to keep an eye on, says McIntyre, even if an unclear value proposition will hold back the consumer´s spending.

Wearable cameras in glasses or such as stick with a clip onto clothing, is another tech that will be seen at CES.

Smart glasses of course, and headsets that reads your brain waves will also have their place at CES.

A lot of these wearable gadgets will be used for measuring health and fitness, and support the “quantified self” trend, says Angela McIntyre. With a fob or a wristband, embedded in a wrist watch, in clothing or in shoes, there will be new opportunities for people to tracking signals from their body and their health status.

The importance of integrating all these systems with one and other will be a need to make lufe easier for the consumers.

“To build successful ecosystems around devices, providers of wearable electronics should understand that consumers will consider how easily their wearable devices communicate with each other, with their other computing devices and with multiple screens”, says Angela McIntyre.

At International CES 2014 we may follow how far the providers and bigger brands has come on this road to effectiveness.

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