New digital diplomacy

Take a virtual tour of the Swedish embassy in Vilnius. Virtually you can stroll around in the building, enter different rooms and everywhere turn around 360 degrees. Is this digital diplomacy? Well, maybe not in its core sense but it is an example of how embassies and diplomats are taking steps out on the Internet.

But there is a lot more to digital diplomacy and that will be obvious next week when some of the world’s leading digital diplomats will gather in Stockholm on 16-17 January for the Stockholm Initiative on Digital Diplomacy. During 24 hours, the diplomats will work together with international experts on communication and technology in a so-called ’diplohack’ led by Carl Heath, researcher at the Interactive Institute.

Two different sessions will highlight digital diplomacy.
1. Everyone is a diplomat – Diplomacy and the culture of digital participation:
2. Creative diplomacy – Co-creation between states to enhance diplomacy in a networked world

Read more about the meeting at DiploHack.